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Dear... all customers
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There are new products update runs all the time. The customers can follow us at www.jinkohouse.com and auction.yahoo.co.jp
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Free gift when suggest new member to shopping with us; order 25,000 JPY.

Classic Gomi set :festival of joy to arrive. It is highest products and very special price to thanks for customers that confidence and continued shopping with us.
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Dear...all customers
Now,our shop have a lot of order and there are some question about the CITES from customers because for some products weight over 500 grams.To guarantee that our shop has a legitimate license so please note that,if the customers purchase the product weigh over 500 grams we are pleased to issue CITES free of charge.Products that weight less than 500 grams,possession of legally be considered without a CITES certificate.
Agarwood......a sacred wood.It is well-known widespread over the world.It is a sacread wood which lead to get a prosperity,a fame while;helps to relieve and eliminate an evil and bad luck.Moreover;it is provide a several medicine benifits such as,helps protect and tread blood and heart,relievees fever and stomach ache,helps to treat some joints pain disease,to support a sexual ability,relieves asthma,cures suffocation,Besides;an agarwood smell helps mind to soothe and get relax away from tension.Due to the highed price and rarity of agarwood,which is as the same as a golden.And this is many people gives the named "Black golden"
We are expanding customers to Asia Zone now.After has been doing very successful in Gulf Zone;due to my shop we are now attached the samples to customers who interested in order to test before making decision.
Please be informed and enclosed your name and mailing address to my shop into webboard and email menu on the interested products.
We are doing the business of agarwood chips for more than 30 years by Thai supplier. Our office is situated at Bangkok,Thailand. We can definitely supply serveral products to your hand with regard to the quality.
We absolutely guarantee 100% with the experience for over 30 years from generation to generation. And finally, you will obtain the quality products in reasonable prices. You can visit our plantation and factory at www.damgharuwood.com
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